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About Genealogy Cafe

About Your Host

Hi.  I'm Peter Berrie and I'm your host at Genealogy Cafe.  I've been researching my family tree since 1991 and helping others for nearly as long and I just love researching and discovering ancestries.  

I created Genealogy Cafe because I'm passionate about sharing the joys and excitement of this wonderful activity.  I aim to bring together people who love family history to enjoy the journey of discovery with me so that we can capture their family stories and create a legacy for future generations.

Why You Should Join Genealogy Cafe

You should join Genealogy Cafe if:

EITHER you'd love to have your family history done for you while you watch and share in the excitement (STANDARD / PREMIUM) 

OR you love talking about family history (FREE FOREVER)

So what's inside?

As a FREE FOREVER member, you get access to a community where you can:

  • Talk to any member about your research
  • Join in with a range of discussion groups
  • Contact me personally with any research questions 

As a STANDARD member, you'll get all of that PLUS:

  • A personal service from me while I research your family history
  • An opportunity to share the journey of discovery through a private forum
  • Weekly Updates from me - so you know how it's going and can see progress
  • An invitation to Members Only events - video presentations, experts etc. 
  • A fully documented report that details your whole family tree
  • A copy of the GEDCOM file (ask me what it is on our 1st call!)

REMEMBER ... this is the same level of family history service that many genealogists offer for $ 250, $500, $1,000 or more.  Yes ... for a sensibly priced monthly fee, I really am offering you a fully researched family history that covers your whole ancestry and goes back 5 generations (assuming no roadblocks along the way!).

As a PREMIUM member, you get all of the above PLUS:  

  • A Weekly 1-1 Discussion: ask me questions, direct my research etc.
  • Real time access to your family history as I build it (no extra costs) - yes, you really see it, including all my research notes
  • A bespoke and personalised Family Story that makes a unique gift; be patient, this takes many hours of work to produce!
  • Additional "to be announced" premium benefits to keep you interested!  

Your Commitment

For FREE FOREVER membership, your only commitment is to actually participate.  I will terminate FREE FOREVER memberships that are inactive for more than 6 months, as this usually means you're not really interested. You can always rejoin if you want to.  

For STANDARD and PREMIUM memberships, your commitments are:

  • To log on to Genealogy Cafe about once a week to read my updates and leave comments if appropriate
  • To leave me feedback in our private group so that I know you're happy with progress (or I can fix anything that you're not happy with)
  • To give me enough time to do your research; I will probably deliver more some weeks than others
  • To stay as a member as long as you feel you're getting value for money; and to talk to me before you leave

And my commitment is to be available, to provide a professional research and hosting service and to be open and honest about anything that goes wrong (it happens to the best of us, right?) 

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for visiting Genealogy Cafe.  I hope one of my membership is of interest to you and that you choose to join in and help bring fun and value to all our members and keep this community alive!

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